Our mission is to power technology entrepreneurs to build a better world

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Our Focus

  • Robots, Drones & Autonomous machines
  • Decentralized, Privacy & Security tech
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Web3, NFTs, Crypto, Defi
  • Real time video, computer vision
  • Artificial intelligence, Machine learning
  • Dev Tools & Platforms
Our Focus


We incubate companies by partnering with founders at the idea stage. We provide initial capital and our team spends time building and growing products until we reach product market fit. Every founder in our studio shares equity with the other studio companies!

Currently in incubator:

If you have an idea and want to discuss further

Hardware Lab

Hardware companies can’t be created in your living room. You need access to machines, equipment, like-minded people and a workspace where you can test your ideas.

Our goal is to provide a robotics, electronics and hardware lab for any entrepreneur to get started. They’ll be surrounded by other individuals who are on similar missions, learn from others by sharing experiences and pay it forward.

We want creative people dreaming about futuristic ideas and provide them a means to take those dreams and turn them into reality.


Going through the entrepreneurship journey alone is tough, we created a community of 100+ founders for this very reason
We host weekly events including ship-it, masterminds and brainstorms.
Looking forward to having in person events (when we can safely do so)


Companies our team has invested in:

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