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How It Works

Founders, Inc. is in the business of building companies. That means, we've got a ton a projects in flight at any given moment.

But they need founders to help them grow!

In the Studio, you come on board as a founder with a mission of turning a project into a full fledged startup. And we provide the engineering, design and growth resources to make it all happen.

Each day you'll be building with us, and we'll be helping you steer the ship. Once the product reaches PMF, we'll spin out the company with you as founder and give you (and another co-founder) a 70% equity stake.

We'll even give you your first round of funding. But don't worry — it doesn't end there, we'll be there to support you to the very end.

Types of projects we build in the Studio:





Dev Tools

Studio Roles

Studio Founder

As a Studio Founder your goal is to build and grow a product while trying to find PMF. When you do, you’ll spin out a new company as co-founder and CXO.

Studio Engineer

As a Studio Engineer your goal is to help Studio Founders build and grow their products. You will play a key role in accelerating Studio products from day one.

Recent Studio Companies


raised $29 million


raised $6 million


raised $9 million


raised $6 million


raised $10 million

“Founders Inc provided us with the freedom to explore various ideas until we found the right fit. With their legal, design, and media team support, we were able to accelerate our growth and achieve more quickly than we could have on our own.”

Johnny Dallas,


“Having Founders Inc and their network as a third co-founder puts you on a completely elevated track to success.”

Claudio Fuentes,


“The Studio allowed us to laser-focus on shipping our product without any operational distractions. We didn’t have to worry about resources in design, engineering, legal, finance, or ops. The guidance and advice from the experienced founders on the team were invaluable and helped us turn our vision into a reality quickly.”

Jake Loo,



Let's start this epic journey.